"GZHEL" FOLK DANCE ENSEMBLE was founded in 1988 by the famous choreographer, People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Zakharov, official name is The Moscow State Academic Theatre of Dance “GZHEL”.

For more then 30 years “GZHEL” has been working in national-scenic dance style. Each production is a colorful show which brings together bright fragments of the traditions, crafts and lives of the people form Russia and other countries.

"GZHEL" Folk Dance Company shoes a master technique, but also achieve unusual stamina, an acrobat’s ability, a juggler’s skill. a fencer’s speed. The music is significant part of the show. "GZHEL" shows all pathways whereby the simple elements of a dance grow in complexity and finally blossom into the revelation of a national style, a national character and the emotional structure of a story.

TOURING PROGRAMS he program of “GZHEL” ensemble presents a gallery of folk dances: Barynya, Kamarinskaya, Khorovod (Russian Dances), Kryzhachok (Belorussian dance), Dance on a Jewish Motives, Gopak (Urkainian National Dance), Bulgarian Dances, Zorbas - Sirtaki (Greek Dance), The Gypsies (Bessarabian Gypsy Dance), Chochek (Serbian Dance Composition), Oberek (Polish Ancient Dance) etc.

“GZHEL” ensemble performs at the best venues in the largest cities of Russia and in many international festivals. The highest standard of the show made by talented choreographers, make each “GZHEL” performance unforgettable.

The beauty and richness of the costumes transform the audience into dedicated fans of the theatre.

In 2018 “GZHEL” was on tour in Italy, Swiss, China.

“GZHEL” ensemble’s shows are family-friendly and suits for audience of all ages.


DATES AVAILABLE: GZHEL ENSEMBLE tours year-round, subject to scheduling and availability, including February-March 2020

MINIMUM STAGE DIMENSIONS: 39’ wide by 32’ depth

BOOKING INFORMATION: Anastasia KOVALENKO | Email: kovalenko@rusart.net | Cell: 510.517.98.52

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