BALLET MOSCOW DANCE THEATRE is a state dance theatre, based in Moscow. This is the leading, most advanced contemporary dance company in Russia. Its artistic policy is based on a synthesis of classics, contemporary dance and innovation. This unique theatre consists of two troupes of dancers - classical and contemporary. 22 new performances have been specially created for the company by Russian and foreign choreographers during the past 3 years and have been shown in the best theatres of Moscow.

The dancers are from Russia as well as Australia, Israel, The Netherlands, Sweden and Japan. All dancers have professional ballet education and graduated from Bolshoi Ballet School, Perm Ballet School and other regions of Russia. The foreign ballet dancers were educated in such schools as Ellison Ballet (New York), Boston Ballet, and Palucca School (Dresden). Some are from famous ballet companies like Kremlin Ballet, Moscow Classical Ballet, and Perm Ballet.


Contemporary ballet by international ballet choreographer Robert Binet. Based on Leo Tolstoy novel “The Kreutzer Sonata”.
Choreography by Robert Binet (Canada). Libretto by Britta Johnson (Canada). Music by Gity Razaz (USA). Lightening design by Konstantin Binkin (Russia). Set and costume design by Hyemi Shin (South Korea).
Premiere in June 2017 in Moscow.

"Music makes me forget my real situation. It transports me into a state which is not my own. Under the influence of music I really seem to feel what I do not feel, to understand what I do not understand, to have powers which I cannot have." — LEO TOLSTOY, THE KREUTZER SONATA.

"I have always been drawn to Tolstoy’s The Kreutzer Sonata because it is a story where music is the driving force of the plot. This means it lends itself beautifully to dance where music is the driving force of the body, and in the case of this production, every element. In Tolstoy’s novella, he brilliantly explores a husband’s spiral downwards through crippling jealous rage. In attempting to capture the narrative through dance, I chose to focus on the journey of the wife. Her story is not just about her relationship with her husband but also about a relationship with music, a relationship that unlocks new possibility, new passion and new strength within her, a relationship that offers an escape from a dysfunctional and isolating marriage. I can think of no better journey to uncover through dance. In the end it is a story about the effect the wife and husband have on each others bodies, and the effect art has on us all." — ROBERT BINET, CHOREOGRAPHER.


On the themes of the roman "THE IDIOT" by Feodor Dostoyevsky.
Choreography by Sacha Pepelyaev (Russia). Music by Nick Burch (Switzerland). Media design by Maxim Yahontov (Russia). Sets and costumes: Sergey Illarionov (Russia).
Duration of the show 1h30min, without intermission.

The show is the winner of the National Theatre Prize of Russia "The GOLDEN MASK", for the Best Russia's Contemporary Dance Show of 2016.


Choreography by Karine Ponties (Belgique-France). Music by David Monceau (France).
Duration 1h.

The winner of the National Prize of Russia "The Golden Mask” for the Best Contemporary Dance Show 2017.

There are seven young men on the stage. Seven talented performers. Seven different tempers. Every direction is North is a poetic story of growing up and becoming a real man. It reminds us of the simple fact that no matter how mature and strong a man is he still stays a little boy to the end of his life.

“I feel that with these ‘Ballet Moscow’ ballet performers I can do so much about the work with the human body. Every time I offer them a movement, one or another, I can see them challenging themselves. They are like kids, as their thoughts are chaotic – apparently like those of kids during a game, – and they follow these thoughts. They manage to express the feelings not through the emphasis or frame of signs, but through the intensity and submission of their bodies to the external driving forces. They have those things I’m looking for in the art: accuracy, passionate enthusiasm in work and self-denial.” — KARINE PONTIES, CHOREOGRAPHER.

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